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Posted: February 18, 2014

Letter Ll- Lollipop Lion, like and love... What are some other words that begin with the Ll sound?  This week we will be completing many activities with Lizzy Lizard's letter Math- We had our 100th day celebration today!  Thank you to everyone who brought in their beautiful 100th day projects! Important Dates:This week:Wednesday, February 19th (tomorrow)- Skating!Wednesday, February 26th- Pink Shirt/ Bully Awareness Day!Friday, February 28th- Olympics day at Saint Andrew's! 

Posted: February 10, 2014

Letter Uu- Unicorn, uniform, under and up... can you think of any other words beginning with the letter Uu?  Math- We will continue to work with 3d shapes.  Also, we will be celebrating the 100th day of school, on Friday.  Do you have a creative way to display/ demonstrate what 100 looks like.  If so, bring in your project on Friday, to show us what you came up with!I  Important Dates this week: Friday Feb 14- 100th day of school celebration and Valentines day celebration.  I have sent home some information about a 100th day project and a list of names in case you want them for valentines :)  
Letter Dd-  dog, dirt, daisy, Damien... Can you think of anything else beginning with the letter Dd sound?  We will be doing lots     of activites with the letter Dd!   In Math we are beginning a new unit.  In this unit, we will be exploring geometry!   Important dates!This week we will be going to the hospital for a tour! This will take place on Wednesday morning :)  Have a great week :) 
Welcome back and Happy New Year!    Letter Rr- Robot, rabbit, run, racket and rainbow... All of these words begin with letter Rr. Can you think of any others? This week we will do lots of activities and learn all about the letter Rr!     Numbers 1-5.... This week we will continue to work with numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 :)               Important dates: Skating on Wednesday, January 8th for Kindergarten... don't forget your skates and helmet!
Christmas Concert Photos   Just a friendly reminder that parents and guardians are only permitted to take photos of their own child/children during school events and photos that might include other students cannot be posted online.  Photos that are used on the school website or in the local media have been approved by the administration.   What’s Happening? Week of December 16-20th   Homework- This week there will be no homework sheets sent home. Please continue to read and review sight               words each night.     Kindergarten will be having a special Polar Express Day Celebration.  Please wear your favorite Jammies to school on Wednesday, December 18th.     Important Dates: December 17, Tues- Christmas concert: k-2 is at 9:00… 3-5 is at 12:30 December 18, Wed- Cocoa House at 6:15, Polar Express celebration                                    
What’s Happening This Week??  December 9th- 13th Please note: This will be the last week for homework.  Please continue to read the books sent home each night, for the next 2 weeks, and over the Christmas break.  Also, please be sure to keep books in homework folder, so they can be changed each week. It is also important to continue to review sight words, for the upcoming weeks, and over the Christmas break. Letter of the Week: Hh…. Honey, horse and holly…. Can you think of any other words beginning with letter Hh.  Don’t forget show and tell with something beginning with letter Hh’s sound!   Important dates: Dress rehearsal for concert this Friday! Tuesday, Dec.17th- Christmas concert.. K-2 will be performing at 9:00. Wednesday, December 18th - Cocoa House, in the evening. Friday, December 20th- Last day for students.   Thank you for all of the pop bottles…. We have plenty, so no need to send in more J     

Posted: November 28, 2013

Posted: November 28, 2013

 What's Happening?? Week of December 3 to December 6th...  Letter of the week: Letter Ee Ethan, Evan, egg, and envelope... Can you think of any other words beginning with letter Ee ?  Don't forget show and tell on Friday.  Bring in something beginning with the letter Ee's sound. It can be Ellie Elephant's sound or the bossy Ee sound, it's your choice!        1,2,3,4,5... We will continue to explore numbers this week!   Important Dates: December 5th- Scholastic book orders due.December 17th- Christmas Concert- K-3 in am, 4-5 in pm. December 18th- in the evening. December 20th- Last day for students before Christmas break :)   Notes: please send in any empty plastic 2 litre pop bottles you may have.  We want them for a craft. Please send them in by December 13th. Thank you!   

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